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School of Economics

The Harriet Fulbright Institute’s School of Economics delivers advanced education in the disciplines of Economics, Global Finance, Financing Higher Education, Risk Management, Career Development, Business English, Human Resource Management, and Marketing. Our School of Economics is an innovative concept in global education that offers certificate programs for the upcoming generation of leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as programs for K12 students who wish to build their leadership skills and explore their options in business. Having the knowledge of business management will benefit the students in better managing their life, career, and their own business, and it is a rewarding way to invest their education.

School of Education

The Harriet Fulbright Institute’s School of Education offers exceptional programs that deliver high quality education for all. The School of Education focuses on Arts in Education, Education Policy, Language and Literacy, Teacher Training, STEM Education, Curriculum Development, Measurement and Evaluation, Finance in Higher Education, and Higher Education Management. Through these practices, the students and participants acquire expertise, insight, and, creativity required to improve global education. We also have programs that cultivate the skills used in the teaching fields designed for those who are currently studying in mastering education.

School of Diplomacy

The Leadership Challenges and Diplomacy Program is designed to gain a better…

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