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The Harriet Fulbright Institute (HFI) develops next generation leaders and fosters mutual understanding between peoples and nations through global education, research, and leadership programs. HFI’s mission is to create a global educational hub based in several key regions, where leaders come to meet and learn through the exchange of views. HFI’s educational purpose is to provide a platform for exposure and shared awareness of critical global issues.We help students, companies, and organizations strengthen their analytical reasoning, critical thinking, and communication skills, while developing deeper knowledge and expertise of global issues. The Institute is a network-training center that produces future leaders by developing open minds and ethical spirit.We work to bring careful thought, patience, compassion, and leadership to our global society.

Vision & Goals

HFI’s vision is to educate with a strong international perspective. We encourage families and governments to participate in our quality global education programs. By opening and nurturing minds, we seek to build mutual understanding and help build a prosperous and peaceful world through global education programs. Our goal is to prepare young generation for the global economy and for internationally focused careers in the world.

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