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Harriet Fulbright

World Peace through Education

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Harriet Fulbright Institute (HFI), where our mission is to provide a deeper insight into critical issues worldwide through global learning. HFI embarks on education, research, and leadership programs tailored to students, companies, and organizations that seek quality and sustainable education.

We connect young minds around the world through our innovative programs that focus on education, economics, international relations, and diplomacy. We are a leading academic institution for the next generation of leaders. HFI teaches different perspectives so our students are able to approach global issues with an open mind, and better understand cultural differences around the world. Our interdisciplinary educational concepts also serve to help develop mutual understanding between peoples and nations.

I believe that global education is one of the most powerful tools to improve nations by reducing poverty, sustaining economic growth, and helping build a more peaceful world. Relations between countries are simply too important to be left in the hands of governments alone. Therefore, with our education programs we strive to nurture minds and expose people to different culture, thus increasing understanding, tolerance, and cooperation between people around the world. As the chairman of the Harriet Fulbright Institute, I am certain that members of HFI will receive recognition in the professional world for their skills, cultivated views, and global citizenship.

Let’s work together to develop a better world for our future.

Harriet Fulbright
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Global Education for Sustainable Development

In today’s world, it is very imporant to recognize the key role global education plays in buidling a mutual understandign between peoples and nations. Recieving quality global education is necessary not only for success but also for sustainable development and worldwide peace. Most people in the world today understand the urgency of building a sustainable future. We all recognize the issues the world faces everyday but by whom and how are these issues begin addressed and being solved?

The significance of exchanging knowledge and experience through global education is more than simply understanding intercultural differences. It is one of the most important ways to reduce poverty and inequality in the world. it also creates opportunities for sustainable and visible economic growth through peaceful diplomacy for our future.

The Harriet Fulbright Institute develops leaders of the next generation through global education, research and leadership programs. our practical programs on global topics in the fields of education, economics, international relations and diplomacy focus on crosscuttign transnational issues in Asia, the Americas, Africa and Europe.

In this age of mass communication, we need tyo strongly focus on global education in order to increase mutual understanding, democracy and economic growth. By opening minds people will hvae the opportunityto learn more about others without passing judgment and will be able to take the first step towards making today’s world a better place.


Gokhan Coskun

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